Thursday, 9 July 2015

Intentions of the blog

The idea of this blog is to do some theorycrafting and number crunching relevant to LoL. There are theory pieces about understanding the core mechanics of LoL (and a lot of game mechanics in general), there's analyses of specific scenarios, and there's more comprehensive analyses of build options and comparisons. I will also attempt to answer questions and take requests.

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  1. Hi,

    I'm wondering about if it's worth it to let the ADC push and take the small golems on blue side.

    Another idea would be to see if there's an AP that could be used as carry with a support (which are the most item-dependant)


  2. I'm assuming you mean during the laning phase. If we boil it down to minions lost (before you get back to the lane), if you miss fewer 3 melee and 1 ranged or 1 cannon, 1 melee and 1 ranged (or any equivalent), it's worth it gold wise. This is assuming that the gold bounty scales comparatively between the minions and the golems.
    It's worth noting that this is completely ignoring lane dynamics - that's a more complicated issue. Don't do it if you'll lose substantial tower damage. Don't do it if you could have dealt substantial tower damage. Don't do it if you could have backed and bought something major. Don't do it if you could have denied their ADC for more than you gained. Etc.

    The problem with using an AP carry with a support lies in their reliance on levels. If one were to do it anyway, I'd point towards Ryze, Karthus and Cassiopeia for strong sustained damage. While not accepted as common wisdom, Zyra does have quite some potential in this regard with her CDR steroid and her plants.

  3. I've read just about every article you posted. Some analogies with geometrical shapes (the Fourth Dimension!) were fairly abstract, but you've made sense of your points well enough. I think a good opportunity for you to draw some attention is to work mathematical magic with stats for the upcoming champ, Yasuo, leading up to and following his release. I suspect there would be traffic from people looking for guides. After looking at your Aatrox article, I am personally very interested in what you'd have to say once his numbers get finalised.