Thursday, 1 August 2013

Katarina, level 6 all-in, AD masteries and ap runes

I had a brief interest in Katarina, and the general consensus is that she snowballs well. So I figured I'd crunch a few numbers for masteries, runes and first item pick up. On forehand, sorry about the alignment. Haven't figured out how to make tables yet.

Level 6 all-in

The assumptions are:
Enemy has 46 mr (30 base + 12 runes + 4 from 21/6/3 masteries),
You're maxing Q first,
You're using ignite first thing
You manage to get your full combo off
You're 21 in offense with all the ap masteries
You're using mpen marks and non-ap seals and glyphs

I'll be calculating with both ap and mpen quints, and sorc shoes vs blasting wand.

AP quints + Sorc Shoes
All-in damage: 629
QEW:               243
Direct Q hit:     125

AP quints + Blasting Wand
All-in damage: 648
QEW:               255
Direct Q hit:     144

MPen quints + Sorc Shoes
All-in damage: 599
QEW:               227
Direct Q hit:     118

MPen quints + Blasting Wand
All-in damage: 678
QEW:               271
Direct Q hit:     137

Top hitters:
All-in damage: 672 - MPen quints + Blasting Wand
QEW:               271 - MPen quints + Blasting Wand
Direct Q hit:     144 - AP quints + Blasting Wand

Level 6 all-in with 26 offense, scaling ap glyphs and seals:
AP quints + Sorc Shoes:               690
AP quints + Blasting Wand:         703
MPen quints + Sorc Shoes:          661
MPen quints + Blasting Wand:    740

And the absolute winner of the maddest-all-in using:
26 offense, MPen quints, scalingAP seals, MPen glyphs + Blasting Wand
Maddest-All-In:  753

AD Masteries


I compared skipping Archmage to get Deadliness, and it didn't look so good. First and foremost, if you don't use your ult, it's absolutely dreadful. Assuming full QEWR combo:
At level 18 Deadliness is better than Archmage if you have less than 266 AP
At level 11 Deadliness is better than Archmage if you have less than 162 AP
At level 6 Deadliness is better than Archmage if you have less than 87 AP

So I guess it's technically better than Archmage for the level 6 all-in. But it's a quite steep trade-off by being considerably worse at pretty much anything but that.

Of course you could sacrifice defensive stats and go 26 points in offense, taking Deadliness and Brute Force. Enjoying 25 more damage on the level 6 all-in, 37 at level 11 and 54 at level 18 (numbers pre-mitigation).


Other AP Runes

These are the numbers for what extra pre-mitigation damage you can dish out with different AP runes instead of defensive runes on a standard QEWR pre-mitigation. (w/ Archmage)

Flat glyphs give 37 damage
Flat seals give 18 damage
Scaling glyphs give 31 damage at level 6, 57 damage at level 11 and 94 damage at level 18
Scaling Seals give 18 damage at level 6, 34 damage at level 11 and 55 damage at level 18

As always numbers are rounded for aesthetic reasons.

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